God Particle?

From a philosophical perspective, modern-day common sense would suggest that:

  1. Empty space might be infinitely divisible.

  2. Every particle of matter might be comprised of an infinite series of ever-smaller sub-particles.

  3. There may be no such thing as an absolute, fundamental particle of matter.

  4. Matter may have existed from eternity past, long before the so-called big bang.

  5. Matter may be devoid of any origin.

  6. The universe does not owe us anything, including finitude or certitude.

  7. We simply don’t know how much we don’t know about the universe.

  8. Our species may never know the true relative extent of its own ignorance.

Unfortunately, many in the high-energy physics community have no intention of ever conceding to these possibilities, publicly. Because to do so, would be tantamount to derailing their lucrative gravy train and invite whispers of apostasy.

So they hop from one provisional theory to the next, all the while, proclaiming:

  1. Unrecognizable shrapnel is the Holy Grail in particle physics.

  2. Their research is always on the cusp of understanding the nature of everything.

  3. It would be a tragedy if taxpayers didn’t fund their tinkering and billion dollar demolition derbies within their sprawling, self-regulated industry.

On the Cusp?

At first it was atoms, then electrons, then protons, then neutrons, then antielectrons, then muons, then pions, then antiprotons, then neutrinos, then gluons, then quarks, ...ad infinitum, ad nauseum...

Their attempt to drag God into the fray indicates a willingness to debase themselves for extra attention. For some, no press is bad publicity.

But, this is what one should expect when empiricists toy with absolutism—due to egotism. As a rationalist, I harbour no hesitation in stating the emperor has no clothes.

For more details on the flaky premises of science, read my special relativity page and my evolution page.

Particle physicists in training, hoping one day, to scale the dizzying heights of their own hyperbole.

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