3.  Angelic Love

What evidence is there that a highly advanced transcendent intelligence(s) set up this planet as their Anonymity Biosphere (AB)?

Well, the soft evidence is right in front of us, but it is not that obvious—as one would expect. Only by greatly expanding our philosophical objectivity and imagination, will we be able to see the signs on this issue. After all, we might be dealing with a very sophisticated mindset; therefore, we must place ourselves in their philosophical and technological position, as best we can, so we can understand their motives and methodologies.

To reach this lofty position, we need to perform a careful “fast forward” operation, such as a rational extrapolation of our future. I wish there were an easier way to do this, but there is not. To simplify matters, let us assume for the moment, that we are on our own in the universe.

Extrapolation Timeline future terrorism megalomania

As we move forward from the terrorist events of Sept. 11, 2001, ever-larger, hopelessly indifferent technology tools will help to facilitate further human marginalization and social polarization. This will happen via self-replicating robots, space lasers and other enslavement-ready devices. These imminent advances will generate ever-greater fears and/or acts of evermore-severe incidents of megalomania and terrorism.

Eventually, the Free Crown Point (FCP) will be reached, causing widespread anxieties, tensions and a heightened state of vulnerability. The Power Elites and their eager wannabes will be tripping over themselves to see who among them can deploy their innovative technology first and don the Free Crown—proclaiming themselves as Ruler of the Solar System. (After all, it is “use it or lose it” time.)

During this period, the anxious political establishment will become utterly exhausted trying to manage this increasingly desperate situation. Finally, after eliminating all conventional options due to mistrust, the policymakers will decide to cut their losses and “Punt” for the good of everyone. They will commission a highly respected panel of prominent ethicists and charge them with the responsibility of AB construction, oversight and implementation. Once completed, the panel will begin the systematic introduction of youngsters and their support staff, into the newly created AB’s for a forthcoming evaluation. It would be child abuse, if they did not do it!

After some years, the panel will conduct their first and only batch selection of evaluees. Their filter criteria will be based on very specific standards. Those evaluees who are selected (the selectees), will be brought out of the AB’s into the UT. There, they will be educated on the AB philosophy and imparted with supreme power (“the hand-off”), including jurisdiction over all subsequent batch selections.

Eventually, our civilization will migrate into this new two-tiered social arrangement if it is to survive itself and maintain its freedoms in the Age of Utter Defenselessness (AUD).

Entrance requirements for the Upper Tier (UT)

What will be the criteria for entrance into the UT? Filtering out the terrorists and megalomaniacs provides the needed impetus to initiate an AB/UT type system, but should the “Filter Threshold,” or FT for short, be raised even higher to create an added buffer zone for contingencies?

Anonymity Biosphere Filter Threshold values scale

This question becomes easy to answer once we factor in the concept of adaptability. For example, if you climb to the summit of Mount Everest, you will not find a school of dolphins swimming around, because they are not well adapted to that specific environment. In similar fashion, the UT is also a very distinctive setting where all the chosen selectees must be innately predisposed to its demanding surroundings, if they too are to survive and thrive.

The major characteristics of the UT are as follows:

  1. The ubiquitous Crown of the Solar System will be dangling precariously within everyone’s reach—free for the picking. Therefore, any selectee with a grain of susceptibility to reach for it, creates the potential for an immediate dictatorship or something even worse.

  2. There are no security measures in place, because there is no overt way to predict all forms of negative creativity—so why bother? We have innovated our way into the AUD, where everyone is at the mercy and pleasure of everyone else, governed by nothing more than their own conscience and conventional etiquette. Consequently, there will be no police, no courts, no prisons, no passwords, no PIN numbers, no access codes, no anti-virus software, no locks, no keys and no laws—because nothing is enforceable. Everyone will have to trust everyone else with almost everything, indefinitely and unequivocally—even as the population of selectees increases into the millions over time. Even common personality conflicts are unsustainable.

    Think about it, all the selectees living in the UT will be strangers to all the new inductees. How many strangers do you trust with just your PIN number; let alone trust them with your life and freedom; let alone trust them with the Free Crown?

  3. Our first UT will most likely be derived from our first truly permanent space colony, because earth-based UT’s are too susceptible to modern-day surgical air strikes, smart missiles and imaginative, brute force hackers.

Given these characteristics, the selectees will have to be exceptional individuals in order to survive each other. This is a very tall order.

Universal Love

Which group can freely thrive and prosper in a tenuous Free Crown environment? Let us be honest, it is the ultimate temptation—by popular vote. Who would be ready, willing and able to relinquish the Crown, if given the choice? What could be given in exchange for it? Is there anything else that is even more appealing or pleasurable? The answer is yes, there is, for some folks.

You see, the Free Crown symbolizes power and coercion because the only people who are tempted to reaching for it, have a will to power over others. The Crown is of no use otherwise. Therefore, the same individuals who are repulsed from the concept of coercion will also be repulsed from the Crown and hence, are the more trustworthy upstairs in the UT.

The opposite of coercion is love, since love is our only trait which cannot be coerced out of us. Indeed, it is something that must be freely given by us.

To analogize this point, imagine that you come from a very close-knit family and you have all been invited to be the first inhabitants into a brand new UT. In this unique situation, you would not worry at all about the Free Crown, because you know that everyone upstairs will be a close relative who loves you. So as long as there is at least a common thread of mutual love running through everyone in the UT, the Crown becomes inconsequential and by extension, the AUD has become defanged. Therefore, universal love is the strategic key to success.

The Minimum Criteria

So the minimum criteria for entrance into the UT is as follows. We will select only those evaluees who are completely enamored with angelic love, towards all those who are like-minded—sight unseen.

Just as parental love is the love one would expect from a parent to a child, angelic love is the love one would expect between angels. It includes righteousness, humility, honesty, purity, etc. These attributes are necessary in handling the FCP and the AUD, even for hard-boiled atheists, skeptics and cynics.

Furthermore, all the selectees must exhibit other critical traits, such as:

  1. Paramount Trustworthiness. This quality is essential, given that nothing is enforceable upstairs. This level of trust cannot be validated without a demonstration of love and humility.

  2. Virtue. It is an act of righteousness to seek out and nurture new selectees. This inclination provides the necessary cohesion for protecting, supporting and growing the UT.

  3. Interdependency. Generally, people can be trusted to do what is in their own best interest. Under normal conditions, no one ever deliberately impairs any of their dependencies, like poisoning their own food or drinking water. If one has a deep craving for angelic love towards all those with angelic values, they can be trusted in the UT not to harm anyone as that would mean hurting themselves, indirectly.

To simplify the difficult process of differentiating the true selectees from the rest of the evaluees, a delineation script will be deployed into the AB’s. Among other goals, it will have two main objectives:

  1. It will instill a certain modicum of civility among the evaluees, or else anarchy will descend.

  2. It will promote a culture of relative freedom, so that everyone can freely choose from a wide selection of temptations. These unavoidable enticements will act as virtual flypaper, helping the AB administrators to determine the deepest desires and propensities of each evaluee.

When I sat down to write this AB delineation philosophy, I quickly realized that it had already been immaculately written. It is the Bible. Aside from the question of whether or not God exists, it is clear that the Bible exists and this is part of the soft evidence, which I was referring to earlier.

To help you visualize these concepts from a more playful perspective, consider the HRO scenario.

Angelic Love