1.  The Free Crown Point (FCP) problem

How are we going to keep the ever-advancing technologies of tomorrow from falling into the wrong hands?

How helpless will we render ourselves to our own escalating innovations, coupled with hopelessly unpredictable negative creativity?

Are we inadvertently providing future terrorists and megalomaniacs the necessary tools to enslave our civilization?

For example, consider the pending revolution in robot self-replication technology. In the coming decades, there will be an emergence of nanobots and megabots, which will manufacture larger gigabots, terabots, pentabots and eventually zettabots. To illustrate this exponential aspect, consider the following table.

If we assume a modest spawn rate of only one robot replicant per month, for each parent robot, the numbers become quite staggering.

Self-Replicating Robot Count
Start with:
After 1 month:
After 2 months:
After 3 months:
After 1 year:
After 2 years:
After 3 years:
After 4 years:
After 5 years:
After 10 years:
1.3292279957849158729038070602803  X 1036
After 20 years:
1.7668470647783843295832975007429  X 1072
After 100 years:
1.7218479456385750618067377696053  X 10361
After 1000 years:
2.2905932035003264424982540711029  X 103612
(For reference, the number of atoms in the entire observable universe is roughly 1082.)


It is clear that if the current technology trends continue, our civilization will eventually reach a climax of exposure, which I have dubbed the Free Crown Point or FCP for short. It is the pending moment when someone will have the technological capability to render themselves Ruler of the Solar System.

It could be an inventor, hacker, regulator, venture capitalist, rogue dictator, military insider, religious demagogue, etc. who constructs, deploys or simply hijacks the first self-replicating robot or other enslavement-ready device, such as a gigantic space-based laser (SBL) or mass driver, designer pathogen, nano-weapon, etc.


Technology Trend Curve


Given the relatively unlimited amount of material and energy in space, it is fair to say that our descendants will be inundated with a wide assortment of enslavement-ready mechanisms.

Therefore, our emerging Age of Space Colonization will usher in an Age of Utter Defenselessness or AUD for short. The dictum will be, “whoever happens to possess the biggest and best technology, dictates all the rules.” It will be a precarious time where everyone will seemingly be at the mercy and pleasure of everyone else.

Future glimpse of fully autonomous, all-terrain, self-replicating killer robots, executing their given binary instructions with absolute moral indifference which is a 
                                      machine's inherent default setting in the Age of Utter Defenselessness AUD

A future glimpse of fully autonomous, all-terrain, self-replicating killer robots, executing their given binary instructions with absolute moral indifference, which is a machine’s inherent default setting.

What practical methodologies and strategies can we set up to safeguard our cherished freedoms and civil liberties against this onslaught? What realistic options do we have available? The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Free Crown Ruler of the Solar System


Are you Free Crown Point ready?

  1. “Ready-to-eat” snacks led to...

  2. “TV-ready” fast food, which led to...

  3. “Microwave-ready” TV dinners, which led to...

  4. “Internet-ready” microwave ovens, which led to...

  5. “Battlefield-ready” high-powered microwave weapons, which will lead to...

  6. “Enslavement-ready”, self-replicating smart robots, which could lead to...

  7. A fate worse than extinction.

In the future, there will be numerous technologies and techniques which can usher in the Free Crown Point (FCP).

Microwave Weapons
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Laser Weapons
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Robotics Technology
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Present-day trend markers:

Weapon of mass destruction (WMD)
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North Korea and WMD
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Iran and WMD

Suitcase nukes

The Free Crown Point (FCP) problem will become the dominant issue facing 21st century philosophers.